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Children helping dogs.
Dogs helping children.


We are a unique charity that aims to positively impact one million children and dogs by 2025.

We work on global projects to encourage kindness, empathy, resilience and confidence.

Creating compassion and joy - one dog, one child at a time.


Helping children understand the importance of animals.

Education is one of the most important elements of a comprehensive approach to changing behaviour. As human behaviour is an extremely influential factor in how animals are treated, we believe that the future of animal welfare lies with younger generations showing compassion and understanding.

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Our therapy dogs change lives, helping children become more confident.

We organise, fund and encourage the wider reach of animal-assisted therapy projects in order to positively impact more children. Particularly outside of the UK, many children live in fear of dogs and therefore do not understand the value of building a relationship with a sentient being dissimilar to themselves.

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Growing up with a dog creates invaluable bonds and lessons.

Dogs have a special place in the hearts of many adults and children. If well trained and supervised, dogs provide many valuable lessons and benefits to children. Find out five great reasons dogs are super companions for kids as they grow up together.

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BECOME AN UNDERPUP! Under 18? Join our global youth network and make a difference.

If you’re under 18, love dogs and want to make a difference to your planet, why not join The Underpups? Be part of our global network of passionate and caring young people who get involved in all kinds of activities. Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

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